Always grate your own cheese fresh when you can!

22 Jan

Do you know why it’s important to grate your own cheese whenever possible? Did you know they put wood pulp into bagged grated cheese? Yup. They do. That’s how they keep it from clumping together (like you see when you grate your own fresh). They of course don’t label it wood pulp on the back, that would discourage sales. “Cellulose” is how it’s on there. And often you’ll see the mysterious “anti-caking agents” in there too…whatever the heck those are!

Grating Cheddar

I give in and use pre-grated on occasion…sure! As a quick topping on tacos and such it’s alright. But if you want your cheese to be melty? Or creamy in a sauce? Saaaay for a soup or mac and cheese?? You HAVE to grate your own. Otherwise it’s all grainy and nasty. Yuck.

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