When you find a winning concept…stick with it!

24 Jan

Tacos. I love them. We make a lot tacos. Ground beef is always reasonably priced, or we have leftover rotisserie chicken to use up – and we keep a stash of homemade taco seasoning on hand so it’s ultra easy to just brown up the meat, add some seasoning, and serve up a meal. Cook up some rice or beans and you can even make your beef stretch that extra distance and help save a buck. Substitute in spinach for your lettuce and gain some extra flavor and vitamins too! We probably make these almost once a week!  Tacos for hubby and I, quesadillas for the kids, and leftovers for later.


I don’t know what it is…but kids just love quesadillas! In my mind, a quesadilla is simply a flour taco that looks like someone sat on it and flattened it. It’s the same exact food, just smooshed, right?

Well, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t HAVE to understand it. It’s easy to make, reasonably healthy, and my kids will eat it. Why question it!?

Quesadillas - beef and spinach

The way I see it, if you find an idea that works for you, go for it! This gets meat (often a challenge) and some spinach (they love it) into my kids with no complaints AND it allows us to all share the SAME meal at the SAME time! Win!

Here’s the thing though. You need to take your concept and get creative! My kids won’t eat wraps. But you know what? If I flatten it out and cut the same wrap into triangles and call it a quesadilla…they chow it down! Peanut Butter and Banana “quesadilla”?  Sure!! Why not! Salami and cheese “quesadilla”?  Yup, you know it!

Be creative! Have fun! You’re supposed to LIKE eating too…keep it simple and try and eat the good stuff and while you’re at it, teach those kids what the good stuff is too!

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