Fresh Steamed Broccoli

25 Jan

Kids are funny little people. If you get them involved in the cooking, they’ll eat ANYTHING! My little sous chefs love helping me pick out the produce at the Market and then taking it home and “chopping” it up. We do this with broccoli and it’s a favorite treat in the house! Who would have thought a little kid would think of broccoli as a treat and request it like it were a piece of chocolate cake!?  Mine does!

Fresh Steamed Broccoli

This one is incredibly simple and doesn’t really even warrant a ‘recipe’. Simply buy a large head or two of fresh broccoli, pull out a few extra cutting boards, the butter knives, and let the kids hack the little florets off of the large broccoli bunch and chuck them into a steamer basket. While they’re doing that, get a few inches of water boiling in the pot waiting for the steamer basket – that way when the broccoli is all chopped up, your water is already ready and all you have to do is put the steamer on the pot, put a lid over it, and let them steam for 5-7 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when the broccoli turns a beautiful deep green color and you can poke it with a fork and pierce the stem easily enough.

Once the broccoli is cooked and on a large tray, we like to put a few pats of butter on it, sprinkle some garlic salt, and then a bit of Parmesan Cheese tops it all off. This dish is such a favorite in the house that we actually all grab a fork and crowd around the serving dish and share it just like that! As if it were a bowl of popcorn or something! It’s a great opportunity to make silly faces, see who can find the ‘best looking piece’ of broccoli, or just chat.

Can I tell you another secret? You know how people joke that their husband is their extra kid? (As in, I have two children and one husband…so hubby is like my third child…)  Well this trick works on the husband too! Get him involved in some way with the cooking of an item and he’ll eat it, even if he doesn’t think he’ll like it! I like to comment that I can’t seem to get the seasoning just right or something similar and he’ll add his dash of this or dash of that and then when it’s done cooking, OF COURSE he has to try it to see if he managed to “fix” it! And almost always it ends up with him eating a nice big helping and then commenting later on what ‘we’ can do next time to make it better. Hah! Just don’t tell him my trick!

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