Food Availability Influences Your Diet!

26 Feb

Want to know a totally successful sneaky trick I play on my kids and my hubs everytime I grocery shop? (the trick actually works on me too….)

When I get home from the shop, I chop and wash and prepare most of the fruits and veggies as much as I can and place them into small deli type containers. (We save them from buying pickles and parm cheeses and the like.)

I slice up a few apples and container them.
I slice up a few pears and container them.
Wash and container blueberries or strawberries or other fruit.
I slice up some celery, pour a little ranch or a little peanut butter in the bottom of a container and stand the mini stalks up in there.
I slice up some carrots and again with the ranch or just plain.
If I got any chunks of cheese I’ll cube it up and container it – same goes for the meat ends I get from the deli.
I stem and wash all of the spinach or lettuce I buy and stick it in a zip lock bag, ready to be made into a salad.
I hard boil some eggs and put them in a bowl right next to the spinach/salad greens to make the salad look more appealing.

In the pantry I have a large bin like container that you cannot see through. I keep it up high, out of sight, and closed. In there is all the sugary junk food. Girl scout cookies, junk food that Grandmas bring over, valentine’s candy….stuff I prefer my kids not eat but I keep on hand to dole out as treats in moderation.
On the shelves, especially the lower ones right at my kids’ height, I keep all of the un-prepped fruit/veg/bananas. Containers of ready-to-go raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, peanuts, popcorn kernels and things like that.

It sounds silly, but 99% of the time everyone quickly settles on snacking on whatever is easily found and quick to eat. Don’t get me wrong. I often stash a bag of potato chips in the “junk food bin” and snack on it myself after the kids are in bed…trust me, I’m no where near as healthy eater as my kids or as I ought to be…I don’t really care much for snacking on the good stuff ;-D Just don’t tell my kids that!

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