A picture, a mother, and a nagging thought….

09 Sep

I started this blog, Off the Cutting Board, back in January of 2013.  It was a lot of fun sharing recipes and getting to talk about cooking with everyone – and I partnered this site up with Facebook and with Pinterest to get a broader reach to people.

About a year ago Facebook decided that they wanted money from people like me, and that unless I shelled out some serious cash (per post no less!), then anything I posted would only be exposed to less than 1% of the followers of the page. There’s approximately 4,400 of you out there – any post would only be allowed to be viewed by roughly 50 people.

I have to admit, I quickly became frustrated with the system and lost any motivation to continue. Off the Cutting Board sort of sat around in the shadows for a while and even though the blog site still got some good numbers in weekly views as people stopped in for a recipe or two, there was no new content added by me.

Well, then this happened…

My mother was scrolling through some pictures on my cell phone and she saw this picture:


Yup. It’s a bucket of strawberries.  I take my two daughters strawberry picking every year at an orchard in Indiana about an hour from home.

The problem is, my mother sees this picture (and some cute ones of my girls while picking the strawberries) and she turns to me and says I should put this picture up on my blog and talk about it because people like strawberries………..

Well, I told her about how I feel like I’ve been all but disabled by facebook’s crackdown on pages and that I don’t show pictures of my kids on the site either way. That this isn’t a recipe or a tip on “how to best pick strawberries” or anything like that.

The conversation moved along and that was that…except…..Do you know how annoying it is that you can be in your mid 30’s and still have the things your parents tell you niggle their way into your mind!?  I enjoyed writing posts for this site. I enjoyed the feed back I got from you all and the opportunity to just have fun with food.

So here it is. An attempt to re-invigorate OtCB once again. Sans facebook.

Not exclusively recipes, though of course that’s a focus. But posts on food in general.

I have turned on the comments for the site, so let me know what you think.

What are you  into. Healthy foods? Easy foods? Family meals? Snacks? It’s back to school time – don’t make me take pictures of the kids’ lunch boxes every day…I don’t want to be one of them 😉 Maybe just once in a while…

I’m still trying out new recipes all the time, we can try them out together.

What is food to you?
For some, food is a hassle to get on the table every night.
For some, food is just fuel for their body.
For some, food is an opportunity to gather around the dinner time and catch up with one another.
For others, food is something that they don’t have much time for during a busy day so it ends up being a quick meal in the car.

Just in my small circle of friends, I know of people making fruit smoothies for breakfast, people doing whole food nutrition diets, military diets, low carb and gluten free diets. People who love to try the latest exotic ingredient and others who just want to figure out what the heck their kids will actually eat at dinner time.

Let’s see if we can’t find a nitch here to enjoy all different types of meals and help eachother out with what we’ve learned along the way.



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